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Investing in Holidays on Caravan Parks in North Wales
31st December 2016 | by North Wales Caravans
Sales of caravans and holiday lodges continue to soar on caravan parks in North Wales as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit prevails. Many people are reticent about purchasing property abroad until such time as the situation becomes clearer. However, visiting some ...Read More
Beachcombing to Raise Money for a North Wales Caravan
24th December 2016 | by North Wales Caravans
So you want to buy a caravan in North Wales but don’t have all or any of the money to realise your dream. Beachcombing to raise money could provide you with at least a deposit. It’s often been said that ...Read More
Why People buy Caravan Holiday Homes
15th December 2016 | by North Wales Caravans
Since the late 1800s when caravans were drawn by horses, the British have fully embraced the concept of caravan holiday homes. In modern times static caravans that have all the facilities one would expect at home, have become the popular ...Read More

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