Sited Static Caravans for Sale

Sited Static Caravans for Sale
20th December 2017 | by North Wales Caravans

Most people have thought about buying a holiday home at one time or another. However, forking out a fortune for a property that you’ll only use on a small number of occasions is far less appealing. This is especially true when you only need a place to sleep and feel comfortable during daily activities. With our Sited Static Caravans for sale, you can gain all of those benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Better still, you’ll be in a position to fall in love with North Wales time and time again. By now, you’re probably more than a little interested to find out more. So let’s take a closer look at the reasons to put buying a static caravan on the top of your agenda for 2018.

A Home From Home

Everyone loves a break from the mundane aspects of modern life. Vacations offer a chance to recharge the batteries while creating magical moments with the people you love most. However, the lack of familiarity can prove to be a major stumbling block. Having a few home comforts can truly make all the difference, and a used static caravan is the best way to achieve it by far.

Sited static caravans serve as a second home, ensuring that you gain the perfect blend of familiarity and the sense of being away. Likewise, the surroundings of our sites in North Wales provides the perfect backdrop for fun and relaxation.

With a static caravan, you truly can embrace the best things about your daily lives while also escaping the negatives. Better still, having this asset gives you the flexibility of taking a weekend break on a whim as well as planning your long summer stays. When you have a holiday home located abroad, making this happen can be quite difficult.

Static Caravans For All The Family

One of the best things about our range of static caravans is the versatility. Whether you’re a retired couple looking for a small but comforting solution or a family needing something that can be loved by all doesn’t matter. With a little support from us, there’s nothing to stop you finding the static caravan of your dreams.

Size matters, but it isn’t the only key aspect to consider. You also need a holiday home that looks great on the eye and carries a suitable design in the various living spaces. Once again, our array of static on site caravans has a solution for everyone.

A Fantastic Financial Investment

For many people, the misconception that static holiday home ownership costs an arm and a leg is a major hurdle. The vast majority are pleasantly surprised, however, especially when looking at the range of used sited caravan. At the lower end of the scale, you can even see change from ten grand. If you have a big family, that sort of money is lucky to cover just two trips abroad. As a long-term strategy, it could be the key to huge savings.

Better still, you’ll have another financial asset too. As the popularity of British vacations continues to grow, this could even see the value of the static caravan grow. In the meantime, it may be possible to rent it out to friends and relatives that want a short break away. Even if you go for a higher spec model, there’s no question that this offers great value for money.

Above all else, though, the investment gives you the emotional comfort of knowing you can get away at any given moment. Whether it’s to de-stress or celebrate a special moment, this has the potential to enhance your lives in a whole host of situations. Frankly, that reward in itself is priceless.

Sited V Traditional Caravans

Many potential buyers also wonder about whether the static route is the best option to take. There’s no doubt that traditional caravans have a number of selling points. The obvious standout feature is that you have the potential to hook it up to the car and go anywhere. That ability to enjoy new places is certainly a plus point, but the benefits of the sited options are arguably far greater.

For starters, there is far less hassle involved. With a normal caravan, you’ll need to find a place to store it. Meanwhile, it feels a little less secure, which means you’ll probably keep the majority of essential items locked away in the home. When added to the fuel costs of dragging it around the country, the static version becomes more attractive. Not least if you’re looking to make money from short-term rentals too.

Most importantly, though, the holiday experience is far greater in a static on-site caravan. For starters, there’s no danger of choosing a poor park to visit. Moreover, your pitch is always secure, meaning you don’t have to plan ahead. Let’s face it; an impromptu weekend away in a moving caravan could be ruined if the parks have no pitches available.

Static caravans also offer greater versatility in design. Given that they aren’t being moved, you can invest in far better internal features. Likewise, the sizing issues tend to lean towards the static solution. With so many great used on-site options available, it’s a no-brainer.

Year Long Enjoyment

With a lot of holidays, at least in Europe, the fun is limited to the summer months. This can be a major problem for people that work seasonal jobs and those that simply want to escape the winter blues. While spending time in a normal caravan might not appeal in the colder months, time in a static one can be perfect if it is a 12-month park. But be aware, most parks are only open for 10 months of the year.

The sites in North Wales are perfect, offering plenty to see and do for everyone. Whether you’re one or 100, you will not get bored. In truth, you needn’t even leave the static caravan to gain all the benefits of spending time away with loved ones. Or you could even go it alone.

Check our sited static caravans for sale, and the door to short break opportunities will be open. That’s something that any British holidaymaker can cherish.

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