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Protecting your Static Caravan | North Wales Caravans

Protecting Your Static Caravan

Thursday, 18/04/2019
Protecting your static caravan is very important.  This particularly applies if the caravan is only used for your own holidays and left empty for the remainder...
Setting the price for Static Caravan rentals

How to Set the Price for Static Caravan Rentals

Tuesday, 02/04/2019
We often receive questions about how to price static caravan rentals. Renting out your caravan makes a lot of sense if you want to offset some of the costs of m...
Cleaning your Static Caravan | North Wales Caravans

Cleaning your Static Caravan

Friday, 15/03/2019
When it comes to keeping your caravan in tip-top condition, one of the most satisfying ways to make a difference is with a good old clean. Cleaning your static ...