New and Used Static Caravan Dealers

Choosing between new and used static caravans may seem simple in that you buy what budget allows. But there are other considerations to factor in as well. Here are some of them:

New Static Caravans

When people buy brand new holiday homes, they usually intend them for their own use. Brand new caravans and holiday lodges have a level of luxury sometimes superior to a main residence.  Complete with fitted kitchens, bathrooms, fitted wardrobes in bedrooms, central heating and double glazing the modern caravan is truly a home away from home.

However, brand new caravans command higher rental income. This is because they are state of the art with the most modern conveniences.

Upgrades form a large part of new caravan sales. Many holiday parks limit the age of caravans on their sites to 10 years. This means that owners either have to move their holiday homes to different sites where older vans are acceptable or upgrade their caravan home.

Used Static Caravans

Used models normally start from around £9,995 and are usually purchased by those who want a starter holiday home.  This may be because of budget restrictions or because they’re unsure if a caravan is right for them.

Cheap used caravans are also bought by people who have caravan rental businesses.  Buying anything between 2 and 10 static caravans at a time, they rent them out as a business. They also keep their eye out for bargains during caravan dealer sales to add to their inventories.

Choosing between new and used static caravans shouldn’t be a question of budget.  Most dealers offer finance packages, subject to status, allowing you to spread the cost.

And of course, you can rent your holiday home during times when you are not using it.  If you do, the income derived will help with site fees, maintenance and finance costs.

How long do static caravans last?

The average depreciation rate of a static caravan is similar to that of a car. This works out at about 15% per year, although this figure is simplified to an extent. Newer caravans depreciate more quickly than older caravans, so that’s worth bearing in mind.

Going for a second-hand caravan allows you to bypass the first few years of depreciation. The better you look after your static caravan, the longer it is likely to last. That being said, purchasing a used caravan loses the first few years before depreciation value.

Do you need insurance for Static Caravans?

In short, yes you need insurance for static caravans. You must insure your static caravan by law. However, the amount your insurance costs can vary depending on the location of the park, size, value of the holiday home, and amount of contents cover required. Many parks make it a compulsory condition of having a static caravan there. Public liability insurance should be included in your policy.

Is There A Way You Can Increase The Size Of Your Static Caravan?

Joining static caravans together is a great way of increasing the size of your static caravan. This is a simple way to double the size of your static caravan, on top of being fast and economical.

Can you move static caravans, new or used, to another site?

Moving static caravans, new or used, to another site is entirely possible. You may wonder why you’d want to move a static caravan – after all, being static is the whole point. That being said, you may fancy a change of scenery after being in the same place for so long, or something else may affect your decision to move. Maybe you don’t need a kid-friendly park anymore, your park fees are rising or you want to be closer to someone in another park. There’s no limit to where you can move, you just need to make sure you’re moving your caravan safely.

The only limitation is how wide your caravan is when transporting it through narrow lanes, however, contacting a specialist moving company is going to be the quickest way around this.

New and used static caravans for sale in North Wales

North Wales Caravans have a long-established reputation as Static Caravan dealers in the area. North Wales is one of the most popular places in the UK to own a caravan. It’s more than a rival to Blackpool in the north of England as an adventure playground. So not only is it a great area to spend a holiday but also a fantastic area for caravan rentals.  Check out what we have to offer by searching for caravans for sale on our website – click here.

Misconceptions about Static Caravans

Talk to some people about holidaying in Static Caravans and you’ll often get a variety of reasons as to why they would never do so. The fact that the vast majority have never set foot in one seems to be irrelevant and as with Guinness, the rule should be “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”.

The reason that some people have negative feelings about caravans is that they have a perception of them that dates back to around 25 years ago when we have to admit they were pretty basic. However, the construction of state-of-the-art static holiday homes has moved up quite a lot since there. Now there are hundreds of thousands of happy and contented caravan owners who wouldn’t dream of taking their holiday in any other type of accommodation.

Another reason for negativity is that those who have never experienced a holiday in a modern holiday home of this type think that they are all situated on poorly managed parks. This is a huge misconception. Caravan holiday parks have developed possibly at a faster rate than the static homes they service with shops, restaurants, bars, indoor and outdoor sports and swimming pools, children’s clubs, crèches and live entertainment for adults or all the family. Many are located close to beaches with a spectacular view of the sea or in idyllically situated rural woodland areas for perfect peace and quiet far from the maddening crowd.

A great investment to rent or keep for your own use

In the UK, Static Caravans are often purchased as an investment with the intention of letting them as holiday homes and owners are fully aware that competition requires standards to be exceptionally high if their investment is to bear fruit. Welcome packs for guests on arrival cost very little but make a great first impression, and providing bed linen with a laundry service can put you one step ahead with competitors.

Buy outright or with a finance package

Despite many of these static homes and caravans being finished to standards bordering on the luxurious, prices for new and used models are affordable to many. Finance packages are available, subject to status, for those who need a little help to purchase. Achievable rents vary depending on the season with prices ranging from £100 per week rising to unlimited for the most luxurious models. On average prices come well within the means of most and represent great value for money, making multiple holidays for a family not only possible but highly desirable.

Caravan holidays are more popular than ever in the UK

For many, static caravan holidays are an integral part of family life. Owning your own static caravan means you can take off for a weekend break too. Every type of family structure enjoys a caravan holiday.

Those who previously wouldn’t have dreamt of taking caravan holidays are now seriously considering them.  This is not least due to the way static caravans have evolved over the years.  Mobile homes, as they are often called, are luxurious in comparison to their ancient counterparts. In many cases not only do they have all mod cons but sometimes more than you have in your own flat.

Benefits of caravan holidays

Many seasoned caravanners know the benefits of UK caravan holidays as opposed to jetting off abroad. For those who don’t, here are some of them:

  • There are no problems with language. You won’t need a phrase book to order your meals!
  • The food will be what you are used to.
  • You won’t need vaccinations.
  • Medical services are nearby and you won’t have to produce insurance.
  • You won’t need a passport.
  • You won’t need to take out travel insurance.
  • Most of what you need can be stored in your holiday home so you’ll never be charged for excess baggage.
  • You don’t need flights, tickets or to travel long distances.
  • Apart from the travelling time to the holiday park, you can enjoy every minute of your holiday.

Annual holidays and short breaks

Your own holiday home, not too far away, is a place where you can spend family annual holidays and short breaks. If dad feels like a weekend away fishing, the accommodation is always there.  If mum wants some “me time” she can leave dad with the kids for a weekend.

What’s more, everything you could possibly need is on site. Holiday parks cater for everything. There’s usually a general store for food and essentials. Amusements, live entertainment, shops and Kid’s Clubs are the norm. Sometimes there are hair and beauty salons, laundrettes and sports pitches.  Invariably there is at least one restaurant, café and bar.

Choice of holiday parks

Holiday parks are strategically located close to local amenities and popular resorts. Some are slightly inland from the coast and others right on it. Inland parks offer peace and tranquility.  They are close enough to the action if you want to be part of it but far enough away to not be disturbed by it.

North Wales Caravans is located in Towyn, one of the most popular resorts in North Wales. With access to many holiday parks in the area, your choice of location is extensive. From family orientated parks to rural retreats, we have them all.  In addition, we regularly hold sales of new and used caravans with finance packages available for those who qualify. Pop in if you are in the area to see what we what’s available.