North Wales Caravans have a huge variety of static caravans for sale in North Wales, both new and used. However, before you decide to purchase one of them you might want to look at our Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Static Caravan.

Will I have to pay any further costs after I’ve bought my static caravan?

As with any holiday home, there are associated costs such as electricity, water and gas and rates. You will also be required to insure your static caravan. However, by far the largest cost will be the pitch fee and this will depend on which park you choose to place your caravan. The fees vary considerably throughout the UK and obviously, you will be charged more for prime pitch positions on the park. Fees also reflect the facilities available. No matter which park you choose you should always ensure that you have a written contract or agreement detailing all the costs you will be expected to pay.

Are holiday parks open all year round?

The local authority determines the period of time the park can be occupied and this also varies considerably throughout the UK. The majority of static caravan parks are licensed to open from 8 to 10 months but in recent years more and more parks are pushing for all year round occupancy. If you decide to purchase a static caravan from we can advise you on park occupancy periods in the area. In any event, no matter where you decide to pitch your holiday home, it is essential that you get the park’s occupancy period entered into the contract.

Is it possible to reside permanently in my static caravan?

If you pitch your caravan on a holiday park it’s not possible to make this your permanent residence, as nice as we might find it to be on permanent holiday. In reality static caravans are designed for holiday use and the specifications of them do not meet residential standards. In addition, the Mobile Homes Act will not protect you. If you want to live permanently in your static caravan you need to pitch it on a park that has a residential licence. When choosing the residential park to ensure that you see a copy of the licence and obtain something in writing confirming the park’s residential status.

How long will I be able to keep my caravan pitch?

Quite a lot of holiday parks have a time limit on how long you can stay on the same pitch (usually around 15 years). But there are some parks that don’t have any restrictions provided you keep to the terms of your contract and maintain your static caravan and pitch in good order. Often negotiable, you can attempt to make the security of tenure a bargaining tool when buying your holiday home. As always – get it in writing!

What if I want to sell my static caravan?

Your licence agreement will define what you can and cannot do in relation to selling your caravan privately. This is why it is imperative to have a written contract because, without it, you may not be able to include the pitch in the sale.

Is it mandatory to take out caravan insurance?

Your pitch licence may be conditional on insuring your static caravan. Public liability insurance is extremely important so before buying insurance check that this is covered. Most static caravan insurance providers will automatically include this in the policy, but double check that they do and read the small print!

Will I be able to rent out my static caravan?

Invariably static caravan holiday parks look favourably on owners wanting to rent their caravans out since it subsidises their pitch fees and other expenses. Beware of “guaranteed letting, ROI (Return on Investment) and buy to let” schemes and always consult an independent financial advisor if you are presented with them. There are websites such as where you can advertise your caravan for a small annual fee and you will be able to deal somewhat directly with potential holidaymakers wanting to rent your caravan.

Will my friends and family be able to use my caravan?

Absolutely! Most static caravan owners purchase their holiday homes with the idea of letting friends and family use it from time to time.

How much maintenance does a Static Caravan need?

Modern static caravans are manufactured to a very high standard so there isn’t much maintenance to do. The majority of caravan manufacturers give an extended warranty but naturally, this won’t cover normal wear and tear. Details of how to take care of your caravan including normal maintenance tasks can be found in the manufacturer’s handbook which should be supplied at the time of purchase. If you don’t see it, ask for a copy since you will need it from time to time.

Can I get finance to purchase a static caravan?

North Wales Caravans have finance packages to assist you in purchasing your holiday home, subject to status. Bear in mind that finance adds to your monthly outgoings so renting out the caravan at times when you are not using it is a great way to spread the cost. Before entering into any finance agreement you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

Does a static caravan need a television licence?

If you are not renting your holiday home out, and no one is watching your television at home when you are on holiday in the caravan you do not need another TV licence. However, your home licence will not cover you if you are renting out.


North Wales Caravans offer buyers top quality static caravans for sale in North Wales at affordable prices. But no matter where you buy your caravan you should always ask the questions above so that your investment is safe.

You can also obtain further information from NACO (The National Association of Caravan Owners) an organisation that exists to offer guidance and advice to owners of Static Caravans in the UK.

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