Why People buy Caravan Holiday Homes

Why People buy Caravan Holiday Homes
15th December 2016 | by North Wales Caravans

Since the late 1800s when caravans were drawn by horses, the British have fully embraced the concept of caravan holiday homes.

In modern times static caravans that have all the facilities one would expect at home, have become the popular choice.  Once a distant dream, ownership of a holiday home is very much a reality nowadays for many people. Static caravans, whether new or used are affordable to everyone and not just a select few.

So why do people purchase caravan holiday homes? Here’s our take on it.

Flexible holidays and short breaks

Changes in legislation as to when children can take holidays from school has made it more difficult for working parents to find affordable holidays. Out of term time, flight costs are always more expensive. Accommodation is at a premium too!

Many holiday parks remain open for longer and some have 12-month licences.  This makes caravan holiday homes very attractive.  You can go on a family holiday at any time of the year and be at the holiday park within an hour or two.  It completely eliminates the hassle of spending hours searching for affordable flights. There’s no need to set off early to spend time hanging around the airport. No inconvenience of flight delays. Your own holiday home allows you to get away when you want for as long as you want.

Caravan holiday homes are affordable

Static caravans are affordable to everyone. Used caravans can start as low as £8,995 and sometimes less when sales are on. Research indicates that 80% of owners have purchased with a finance package so it’s not necessary to find all the money at once.

At times when the caravan is not needed for personal use, it can be rented out to help with running costs, maintenance fees and of course, finance costs. Most holiday parks have a letting service or authorised letting agents. If you want to rent your caravan out, you can leave it to the holiday park to advertise and manage your lettings.  Alternatively, you can advertise it on a caravan letting portals such as Rent My Caravan. You can put as much or as little effort into it as you wish.

If you consider the price of two holidays a year for all the family, it’s not hard to work out that owning your own static caravan represents excellent value for money.

Health benefits

Holidays and short breaks are good for us. Research suggests that people recuperate from stress better on holiday. Staying at home won’t improve your sleep or stress level as much as taking a break away.

On a holiday park, you will have social interaction, laugh and exercise more than you would do at home.  You’ll relax and sleep well and have quality time with your family.

Your own caravan provides you with a getaway for weekends and longer holidays.

Holiday parks have something for everyone

Whether you want a quiet break or a full adventure experience, UK holiday parks have something for everyone.  Off peak, most parks are quieter so you can take a break just to chill out if you want to. During peak season there are so many activities you can participate in on and off site.

Parks located in a rural environment are always quiet but close enough to local activities for you to be involved. Family orientated parks have a full range of activities with children’s clubs packed with entertainment.

From archery to golf, swimming to wall climbing, amusement arcades and live entertainment you’ll find some or all of these activities on holiday parks.

Those considering buying static caravan holiday homes should choose the right location. If you want busy, adventure packed holidays choose a park that provides entertainment for all the family.  For quieter breaks site your caravan on a rural retreat type park.

At North Wales Caravans we can help you find the right holiday home at a price you can afford. We also have access to several different types of holiday parks to ensure you get the perfect location.  Call us today to discuss your specific requirements and arrange some viewings. With prices as low as £8,995 and finance packages available what’s not to love?

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