Many of the luxury holiday lodges and caravans for sale in North Wales are located on sizeable pitches allowing for static caravan coastal garden plots.

Whilst some owners don’t spend enough time at their holiday homes to maintain a garden others take great pride in doing so.

Now that the danger of early spring frosts has passed, it’s time to begin to make plans for your garden plot. Since many caravan holiday parks are within close proximity to the North Wales coastline the weather conditions, with strong winds, create a huge challenge for gardeners. Windbreaks or shelter against the prevailing winds can be designed using low fencing or hedges to allow a wider range of coastal-tolerant plants to be grown. Providing a mulch of gravel, grit or flint as a sharp drainage will conserve root moisture and assist in the cultivation of a much wider range of plants.

Seaside gardening creates numerous, unique challenges. Even though the area is less susceptible to snow and frost and the climate may be much milder, gardens on caravan parks are often in exposed places and may suffer from salty sea spray. Also consider that gardens may be left unattended for periods of time. If garden pots are to be left without water for any length of time, it may help to add water gel crystals to the pot around the roots of the plants. These crystals will retain water as will shells, stones and mulch.

Static caravan coastal garden plots require tough plants. Here is a list of suggestions that you can follow depending on your personal preferences.

  • Cistus – Rock Rose – A small, compact, tough shrub appropriate for a seaside plot, which will flower through the summer if the weather is sunny and dry.
  • Perovskia – Russian Sage – This deciduous shrub is easy to grow and thrives in a sunny, dry position. It will produce beautiful lavender blue flowers after gentle pruning in the springtime.
  • Photinia Fraseri Red Robin – A very easy to cultivate hedge shrub and ideal for creating a border around the plot. New Year’s foliage sprouts as a vibrant red leaf to add colour to your garden. This shrub will grow almost anywhere provided it’s not in a direct cold wind.
  • Aubrieta – An evergreen perennial which grows at a low level and cascades over walls or can be used for the front border. This will grow in either semi-shade or full sun and will produce an abundance of violet, blue or pink shades of compact flowers which are attractive to bees.
  • Sedums – These are very easy to grow and requiring little upkeep if planted in a sunny area in soil that isn’t too dry. There are over 400 species of sedums, the majority being mostly semi-evergreen or evergreen, fleshy, succulent perennials.
  • Agapanthus – This plant grows wild on the Isles of Scilly and thrives in seaside locations. Flowering in late July and August, with a striking blue flower, these exotic-looking flowers will brighten up static caravan coastal garden plots.
  • Many holiday home gardens are staggeringly beautiful and brighten up holiday parks in North Wales immensely; with caravan owners spending their spare time tending to their plots and enjoying the challenges that coastal gardening brings.


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