Buying a Static Caravan an important investment decision. However, deciding which of the UK Holiday Caravan Parks to site it on is equally significant. Here are 20 questions to ask before buying a static caravan:

1. Is the Caravan Holiday Park open all year round?

It’s necessary to know when the caravan park is open and closed since you need to schedule your holidays around this. It’s also important in calculating how much income you can derive should you want to rent a caravan out. Many Holiday Parks are open for 11 months of the year whereas others are seasonal, only opening for eight months. If you are using the caravan solely for your own holidays an 8 month season might not be too bad since you may not want to use the van during winter.

2. Is the Caravan Holiday Park child-friendly?

If you have children you will need to choose a park that caters to their entertainment needs and a real bonus is if they have children’s clubs and babysitting or crèche services.

3. Will you be able to take your pets?

This is really something you should find out if you habitually take your pets on holiday with you. Many holiday caravan parks are pet-friendly but some are not.

4. Do pitch fees vary and if so how?

Many Caravan Holiday Parks have a fixed price for pitch fees but others can vary if, for example, the pitch is bigger or overlooking the sea. If the park has premium pitch fees it’s wise to check this out before choosing one.

5. Does the Caravan Park have its own entertainment and sports facilities?

Some parks provide free entertainment and activities and others sell passes. You will want to know if these facilities are open for the duration of the opening times and if they charge for passes how much they cost.

6. What entertainment facilities or activities are close by?

It’s not the end of the world if the Caravan Holiday Park doesn’t have all that you need, provided that there are facilities close by. For example, many parks are deliberately developed in locations where holidaymakers can enjoy the local facilities as well as those on site.

7. What are the site’s fees?

Site fees will often be defined by the location of the caravan park. For example, a park that is near to the beach is likely to be more expensive than one in a wholly rural location.

8. How often do site fees increase?

You need to be aware of the history of site fee increases because that will give you a guide to how often these increases occur and to what value. It helps you to budget effectively.

9. How are gas and electricity paid for?

Some holiday caravan parks have mains gas in which case you will usually be charged annually for it. On others, you will be using gas bottles that you pay for as you use them. Usually, the pitch will have its own electricity meter and this too is usually paid for annually. However, it’s best to check how and when you will be paying so that you can budget for it.

10. Is there internet access on the site?

If the internet is important to you whilst on holiday you’ll need to ensure the park has the facility of either Wi-Fi or that a dongle can be used in the area. If so you should enquire which company is the best service provider.

11. Is there a designated parking space for you?

Normally you will get a parking space with your pitch but you should check out the situation with extra car parking for visitors.

12. Are there shops on the caravan park site or nearby?

It is likely that the Caravan Holiday Park site shops will be more expensive than for example, the local supermarket but having access to both is a benefit particularly if you don’t have to travel a long way to the local shops.

13. Are there any additional charges?

Before committing to a site inquire about extra charges. Some holiday caravan parks offer an all-inclusive price for use of facilities included in the price of the pitch so that the only bills you will pay are those for caravan insurance, gas and electricity; whereas others charge extra for use of the facilities.

14. What guarantee can I expect when buying a Static Caravan?

When you are buying a static caravan that is new the details of the warranty will be in the Manufacturers’ Guide. The norm is anything between one and three years but some caravans are supplied with a 5-year guarantee.

15. Will I have to arrange my own caravan insurance?

You can arrange your own insurance if you wish but most Holiday Caravan Parks offer a deal on caravan insurance and will arrange this for you if required. It’s always a good idea to check out what they are offering since park operators know exactly what is required and are experienced in ensuring the policy exactly matches your requirements.

17. Can I get finance on buying a Static Caravan?

Banks will loan on the purchase of a Static Caravan park operator since you may be able to negotiate more favourable terms.

18. Does the park operator have staff available 24/7?

Usually, Caravan Park Holidays run very smoothly but as with most holidays and an emergency situation can occur. Ask what the staffing arrangements are for coping with emergencies and the procedure for getting in touch with them.

19. What security is in place for when the caravan park is closed?

If you are buying a Static Caravan and sitting it on a caravan park that closes at the end of the season, you will want to be certain that the van will be secure. As about security and security staffing when the park is closed.

20. When is the best time to buy?

The best time to buy a static caravan is when you have all the answers to your questions and they match with your idea of what you had hoped for in a holiday home. Sometimes you can get discounted prices at the end of the holiday season but not necessarily on the best caravan parks since the popularity of a park defines how quickly caravans are sold there. However, if you are purchasing from a caravan dealer you should always ask about discounts. You have nothing to lose by asking and possibly everything to gain.

There are many more questions to ask before buying a caravan. Let us know if you can add to our list “20 Questions to ask before buying a Static Caravan“. Buying a Static is an important investment and just like any other investment, you should be well informed before you purchase.

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