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Small static caravan sites in North Wales are often located in areas of outstanding natural beauty within a short distance of the coast. The Countryside Code benefits everyone using the countryside in the UK and North Wales, to enable you to get the most out of your visit. It is in place to give you helpful advice when planning your outing, to keep yourself and others safe and to ensure that the countryside remains a fabulous environment that everyone can enjoy.  For example, many holiday makers who visit Sirior Bach Caravan Park near Abergele, make frequent visits out into the beautiful Welsh countryside and there are rules for ramblers, cyclists and dog walkers to follow.

Always consider other people and the local community

  • When out driving in the countryside, consider visitors and local people; don’t block driveways and gateways, or pathways with your vehicle.
  • When driving a vehicle or riding a bike, slow down or stop for farm animals, walkers and horses and always ensure you give them room when passing.
  • If a farmer is moving his animals cooperate by keeping out of the way, follow any directions that the farmer gives you.
  • Busy traffic can be a hindrance on country roads to visitors, local people and wildlife so drive slowly and, if at all possible, leave your car at home; maybe cycle or take public transport.

Leave property and gates as you find them

  • If a farmer has left gates open so that his animals can reach food and water, ensure that you leave gates as you find them or look for information on any signs.
  • Always follow pathways unless there is a wider access such as on common ground. Never climb over fences, hedges and walls potentially causing damage; use gaps in boundaries, stiles or gates for access.
  • Never interfere with animals or machinery.

 Protect the natural environment around you

  • Take special care not to remove, destroy or damage any natural features such as trees, plants or rocks, which may be habitat for wildlife.
  • Left-over food and litter can be detrimental and dangerous to wildlife, so ensure that you always take your litter home with you to dispose of. Fires can be dangerous to habitats, wildlife and other people so take care when smoking outdoors and if using naked flames.

Always ensure that you keep your dogs under control at all times. If possible, keep on a lead or in your sight and make sure they don’t stray off into an area where you have no right of access. There are certain rules that apply to dogs near to farm animals and, if near the coast, you may need to keep them on a lead so as not to disturb breeding birds. Pick up your dog’s mess and dispose of it in a safe manner – in bins provided or take it home with you to dispose of correctly.

You are responsible for your own safety and of those in your care, especially children, so be prepared for any hazards – a sudden change in the weather or an unpredictable horse or farm animal.

The countryside is appealing around small static caravan sites in North Wales; wonderful places where you can get away from it all. So to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable, safe visit make sure you stick to the rules of the countryside code.

If you need any further information about staying safe during your time at such holiday parks as Whitehouse Leisure Park, Sirior Bach Caravan Park, Golden Gate Holiday Centre or any of the small caravan sites in North Wales, please feel free to contact us at North Wales Caravans.