Static Caravan Maintenance | North Wales Caravans

Owning a static caravan in the UK entitles you to take a well-earned break whenever you are able to but to get the best out of your caravan you need to carry out some basic maintenance inspections and repairs. Here are a few static caravan maintenance tips to keep your holiday home in top shape.

Outside Inspections

Clean out and inspect the gutters. If your holiday is sited near to trees, rotting leaves on the roof can degrade the roofing materials. Check the chassis for rust patches and if necessary, repaint. Also check the anchor chains for the same corrosion.

Keep the exterior of your caravan clean at all times to reduce damage from bird lime, tree sap and other pollutants.  Wash the outside walls and paintwork with cloths and detergent or a power washer if available.

Interior Checks to carry out

  • Check for signs of damp and mildew; watermarks and a strange smell can be indications of mould. This can be a real problem in caravans and can be an expensive problem to rectify if you don’t carry out regular static caravan maintenance. See our post about Tips for Coping with Condensation in a Static Caravan.
  • Open all windows, doors and skylights and give your holiday home a good airing.
  • Ensure that all air vents are clear from debris, spiders’ webs, dust etc., as these vents are essential for your safety.
  • Check all window seals as over time these can degrade and allow water seepage.
  • Ensure that window and door locks are adequate and operational for security.
  • Make interior checks to all lighting and replace any spent bulbs. This may be a good time to have your central heating boiler and annual gas check carried out. This sometimes slips to the bottom of the list of things to do but it is a necessary requirement for your own and rental clients’ safety.
  • Consider a PAT test (an electric equipment and safety check). A PAT test is a legal requirement if you are renting your caravan out.
  • This is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Garden Areas

If you have decking around your plot, this will need at least an annual clean and spruce up with stain or paint. With UPVC type decking it will certainly need a wash and clean.

If you follow this static caravan maintenance advice, your holiday home will remain in pristine and useable condition for many years.