With an increasing number of people choosing to rent a caravan in the UK for their holidays, it might have crossed your mind to purchase one not just for your own use but also to rent out.

Imagine the freedom of owning your own holiday home anywhere you choose in the UK. No more searching for the cheapest package deal, no stress trying to juggle your dates with those of the children’s school holidays and none of the restrictions of a B & B. You can bin the holiday brochures and hit the open road heading for your very own Static Caravan holiday home.

The ultimate in top of the range self-catering holidays

The many features of the modern Static Caravan are limitless and you can guarantee that a state of the art model will put all those cheap apartments in Benidorm to shame as you enjoy the ultimate in the top of the range self-catering holiday accommodation. If you haven’t checked out modern caravans you should do so now; they are nothing short of luxurious hotel suites but with a fully fitted kitchen with all the appliances you have at home.

The days of gas lamps and having a torch at the ready to go to outside communal toilet, as used to be the case on caravan parks, are long gone. Some Static Caravan holiday homes even have Jacuzzi baths! And they are all connected to mains services.

Today’s caravan holiday parks are like small villages with indoor or outdoor swimming pools, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and a whole host of facilities designed to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The range of Static Caravans for sale in the UK is enormous

Static Caravans for sale can be found in and around the holiday parks or on the internet. If you love the Welsh countryside just key in a search for say, static caravans for sale in North Wales, and you will be amazed what is available both new and pre-owned. Prices can start from a little under £6,000 to the sky is the limit depending on how luxurious you want your holiday home to be.

The beauty of purchasing your own Static Caravan is that you can decide the ideal location for it. If you like the beach, choose a coastal resort and look for Static Caravans for sale in that area. There will be innumerable options so great is the demand. You’ll find Static Caravans for sale in rural locations too so if you like hill climbing, walking and generally being at one with nature you might want to look at a Lakeland or forest area.

Hundreds of people look to rent a caravan every week in the UK

There is also the possibility of making some money from your Static Caravan holiday home. When you are not using it, there are hundreds of people looking to rent a caravan every week in the UK. Some want to rent for their holidays and some for weekend breaks, so when you are not using it why not consider renting it out? The extra money will help you pay your maintenance and running costs and you’ll make some profit to spend as you wish.

For more information about Static Caravans for sale or to rent in North Wales contact us or if you are looking to rent a caravan for your next holiday, or rent out your existing caravan visit Rent My Caravan