Green or White Static Caravans | North Wales Caravans

White Static Caravans may be a thing of the past if the Gower Society in South Wales gets its way. Their members have been visiting National Parks in the area where planning authorities are stipulating that the colour of new Static Caravans must be sympathetic to the landscape, such as brown or green.

Changing the colour of white static caravans would be a long term plan

According to one Caravan Park owner, considering that people can pay up to £40,000 for a state of the art model, it’s just not possible for current caravan owners to change the colour of their vans. This suggestion has not hit North Wales yet but if it did, we agree with this sentiment. In the long term, it might be possible but could take at least 20 years to effect.

Some holiday parks would be exempt

Caravan holiday parks that pre-date 1960 are immune from councils imposing this kind of stipulation on them since they have unconditional planning consent. However, since most park operators require owners to replace or remove their caravans when they are 10 years old, it would then be possible to only take caravans of designated colours.

We can see from aerial photos taken across Wales that white Static Caravans do contrast dramatically with the landscape and the idea of them blending in is quite aesthetically appealing. Nevertheless there are no plans to implement the Gower Society’s suggestions in Gower at the moment and certainly, there has been no mention of it in North Wales yet.

What do you think?

However, we would be very interested in owners’ and prospective purchasers’ views in terms of how they feel about buying or upgrading to caravans that are not white. There’s no doubt that static caravan manufacturers will be watching this closely and meeting any demand for coloured caravans. Do you think it would be better for caravans to blend in with the landscape? Our own view is that it’s a commendable idea but lacks practicality in the short term.

Contact North Wales Caravans with your views and we will publish them on the blog when we have collected a reasonable amount.