Static Caravan Upgrade

As an investment in holidays, a static caravan is one of the most popular choices for a holiday home in the UK.

Fantastic for long weekends, term time, short breaks away from it all and annual holidays, they are perfect for families and singles alike. Located on holiday parks that resemble small villages, everything you need for a perfect holiday is often on site.

Static caravan manufacturers haven’t missed any opportunities to develop bigger and better models of holiday homes. The way static caravans have evolved just in the past 20 years is astounding.  Holiday homes now have such top of the line features as Jacuzzi baths and hot tubs to create the perfect atmosphere for your getaway. It is also now the norm to find French doors, fireplaces, central heating, air con and double glazing in newer models. Nevertheless, due to this constant evolution older models become outdated quite quickly.

If you are a D.I.Y. enthusiast you can carry out a static caravan upgrade yourself.  Here are some simple methods to upgrade your caravan and give it a new look. In doing so, you can also make it more energy efficient.

Clad and/or deck the exterior

Vinyl type cladding attached to the aluminium panels from which most caravans are manufactured is an excellent insulator.  It will not only look good but reduce your winter fuel bills considerably. There are specialists who can do this for you professionally. Usually, they can be found in the local area near to holiday parks. Ask your park operator or local caravan dealers if they can recommend anyone.

If you have enough room on your plot, decking is both practical and attractive.  If it’s raining, stepping out onto decking is far better than on grass or mud. When the sun is shining a decked area provides an ideal space for dining al fresco or lying on a sun lounger to soak up the rays.

Fit double glazed windows

Older caravans are often singled glazed which isn’t the most energy efficient. Fitting double glazing is another way to reduce your fuel bills when it’s cold. It reduces heat loss and will most certainly make you more comfortable.

Condensation is not such a problem in double glazed caravans and that means less mould.

Kitchen refurbishment

You don’t have to go to the expense of buying an entirely new kitchen when your units are looking worn. If your cupboard carcasses are sound, you can fit new doors and worktops.  When you have finished your kitchen will look brand new!

Static caravan upgrade – trade in

Maybe you have decided it would be preferable to upgrade your caravan to a newer model. One reason people opt to trade in is when a park it’s situated on has an age limit rule. Many parks refuse to allow caravans that are more than 10 years old, for instance, to remain onsite.  You won’t have the option to refurbish should these rules apply.

You can naturally look for a holiday park that will permit older caravans and move your current home to a new locale. However, it’s often simplest to trade in your older caravan for a newer model.  You can then stay on the park you originally chose for your holidays and won’t have the expense and hassle of transporting your holiday home to a different location.

If you would like to change to a newer model for any reason, get in touch with us at North Wales Caravans.  We always have a huge variety of new and used caravans for sale. We offer finance packages, subject to status if you need a little help.