What is a Static Caravan?

What is a Static Caravan?
12th February 2017 | by North Wales Caravans

A Static Caravan is a holiday, residential or temporary home manufactured with PVC and fibreglass or coated stainless steel panels and attached to a chassis for ease of transportation to a permanent or temporary site.

What is a static caravan used for?

Static caravans are most often located on holiday parks. They are used by owners for their private use and also rented out during times when owners are not using them.  Caravans for rent through private owners are sometimes cheaper than those booked through agents since there is no commission added. However, take care when booking with a private owner on social media pages. Occasionally you’ll find the holiday homes advertised don’t exist! Dedicated caravan rental portals tend to be safer.

Static caravans can also be found on residential caravan sites.  There is no difference between these, and those on holiday parks. Modern caravans can be lived in permanently provided that site has a residential licence.  The quality of new mobile homes is excellent and they include fully fitted kitchens equipped with domestic appliances; bathrooms of the same type you would find in a traditional brick built house, double glazing and central heating. You can choose as little or as much luxury as you require depending on your budget.

On building sites, where 24-hour security is required, static caravan accommodation is more comfortable than a portacabin. The facilities are far superior.  They can also be transported to another site when the project is completed.

What are static caravans also known as?

This might seem a silly question but static caravans are advertised for sale sometimes as mobile homes, trailers, house trailers, trailer homes, caravans and static caravans.  When advertised as simply caravans, make sure it is a static caravan rather than a touring model which you often see being towed by cars. And if it’s a trailer for sale there are many different types of trailers so again check that it’s a static caravan.  The most common use of the term “trailer home” is in the USA.

 Where can you buy a static caravan?

You can buy through private advertisements, direct from holiday parks and via caravan dealers like North Wales Caravans. Purchasing through dealers or holiday parks gives you a better guarantee than buying from private owners.  Naturally, if you buy from a park you will be on site so if anything goes wrong the park operators will be available to help. Normally, if you use caravan dealers, they will be close to the park on which your holiday home is sited.  Invariably reputable dealers will help with any problems.

If you are considering purchasing a mobile home this year in North Wales, check out what North Wales Caravans have to offer.  Most of the inventory includes 2017 site fees in the purchase price so you will make a significant saving by buying early in the year.

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